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Ecological and economical solutions for industrial wastewater treatement and air pollution control. ecoSign sets Signs

ecoSign has a worldwide proven track record in the area of environmental protection technologies with emphasis on industrial wastewater treatment and air pollution control.
We offer you the entire range of services from the initial idea, through engineering and on to commissioning, operational support and optimization of existing treatment facilities.
In addition to our extensive knowledge of all common and modern treatment technologies we also have wide experience in process-integrated environmental protection measures in order to already avoid and reduce waste at the source of emission.
Based on this overall approach we elaborate effective and cost efficient solutions to our customers, even for highly complex chemical and industrial wastewater streams and exhaust gas emissions.

Our valuable operational know-how covers among others the following treatment technologies:

Wastewater treatement

Biological wastewater treatment

Activated sludge, membrane-bioreactor, fixed film reactor
Denitrification, nitrification

Physical-chemical processes

Precipitation and flocculation with sedimentation or flotation
Adsorption onto activated carbon

Oxidation processes

Wet oxidation with hydrogen-peroxide (Fenton)
Ozone oxidation
Low Pressure Oxidation

Exhaust gas treatement

Biological, physical-chemical and thermal processes

Biofilter, biotricklingfilter, bioscrubber
Activated carbon adsorption
Wet scrubber, jet scrubber
Aerosol-, dust- and droplet separator
Catalytic and thermal combustion
Flue gas treatment, NOx removal
Odor removal